Security tips for women living alone in rented houses

Security tips for women living alone in rented houses

25, Oct 2019

With urban areas witnessing growth in the number of single women, as working professionals and students, there is also a corresponding increase in the demand for rental houses that cater to them. Safety and security are crucial aspects, when it comes to selecting an apartment, for such individuals. As more and more single women are turning towards metropolitan cities and urban areas for jobs and further education, there is an all-time-high demand for rental accommodations to cater them. We are not saying that women cannot look after themselves, but the safety of a single woman in a new city is a matter of utmost care.
Living alone can be very rewarding, but sometimes it can be terrifying. Feeling strange noises in middle of the night or hearing voices when you know that your neighbours came out isn't funny at all. Therefore, the good idea is to incorporate some security measures to avoid unhealthy feelings of fear and insecurity. The safety tips given below for women living alone, is a very useful guide, so you can sleep peacefully every night and enjoy your home to the fullest. Keep reading and get to know the best ways to avoid this type of inconvenience. Tips are as :-

  • Safety of the Location

Once you have selected your area of preference, make sure that it is safe to live alone in that particular area especially for a single woman. Make sure that the apartment doesn’t hold any criminal records and the neighbourhood is family-friendly and crime-free.
Since most of the jobs include shifts, make sure that area of residence has easy approachability to public transport systems. Also, make sure that your residential locality has easy accessibility to amenities like ATMs, medical shops, grocery shops, hospitals, police station etc. if in case an emergency arises.

  • Choosing the Right Apartment

One of the biggest safety tips that one can give to women living alone is to choose a safe apartment to stay in. Now, when the internet is within everyone’s reach, you can easily do an intense research of the area and the property, which is going to be your new address. Apart from this, you can google and read online reviews of the locality from the safety point of view. It is a very simple step, but at the same time, it can hugely reduce any security risk in future.

  • Try to Stay in Touch with Your Neighbours

Neighbours are the one who can reach you immediately before anyone can possibly arrive for your help. Whatever comes your way, whether good or bad, you have to face it on your own. Neighbour can guide you about the locality, they can come to your rescue during emergencies, they can keep an eye at your home when you are out for your college or office. But, in the beginning, keep a distance from them. Don’t reveal all your personal information in one go. Take your time until you are not sure that they are your well-wisher.

  • Change the Locks

Another golden tip for women living alone is to at least change the main door locks. You can never get assured that who might have the main door key, so it’s better to change it for your peace of mind. Don’t forget to lock the back door, balcony windows or any other possible gateway that can be accessed easily. Besides, hiding extra keys under the doormat or behind the pot is a strict no when it comes to women safety.

  • Protect Yourself

Make sure you have good lighting, especially the entrance. Dark entrance is more attractive to thieves, while well-lighted houses do not provide the coverage they need to force entry. It is important to keep some secured things in your wallet and at your bedside table to protect you in case of an emergency. An excellent type of security for women who live alone is to opt for pepper gas, which is a little violent, discreet and effective alternative to neutralise an attacker. It is always good to have this useful device with a woman living alone to protect herself.

  • Take Precautions and Use Common Sense

Taking precautions is the thumb rule for women living alone to protect themselves. Never allow courier boy or pizza delivery boy to come in your home, especially when nobody else is nearby. If possible ask them for their ID card. Always keep doors and windows locked if you are living on the ground floor.

Living alone can be wonderful; you have the space for yourself, good privacy and no one to interrupt you in your daily activities. It is always said that precaution is better than cure. Hence, do take all the preventive measures so that you can prepare yourself in advance for any unpleasant situation.